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WWE WrestleMania 25 PPV Results

by on Apr.06, 2009, under Wrestling News

Wrestlemania 25

Wrestlemania 25

Wrestlemania 25 has come and gone at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. After the jump you can find a full account of what happened, who won, and who’s still champion. If you haven’t yet caught Wrestlemania XXV, or have it saved on the DVR, you might want to hold off reading this just yet, otherwise, enjoy!

The original Unified Tag Team Championship Lumberjack Match between John Morrison & The Miz vs. Primo & Carlito, was moved to a dark match earlier in the evening. It will be available for people that purchased the WWE Webcast version of the pay-per-view. And no worries for the people who buy the WrestleMania 25 DVD, as it will be included here as well. Some of the Lumberjacks for the match include The Great Khali, Cryme Tyme, Charlie Haas, Hurricane Helms, Jack Swagger, Vladimir Kozlov, and Goldust.

WWE & World Tag Team Championship Unification Match
Carlito & Primo vs. John Morrison & The Miz

John Morrison and Primo start things out. Primo throws Morrison over the top onto the apron. Morrison recovers and whips Primo in the corner. Primo does a handstand and sends Morrison out to the lumberjacks. Jack Swagger tosses Morrison back in. Primo gets a two count. Primo and Carlito double leg drop on Morrison over the ropes for a two count. Morrison is finally to tag in to face Carlito who is the new legal man. He throws Carlito to the outside who has to fight off the lumberjacks. Carlito gets back in and gets a two count on Morrison. Carlito dives off the top onto a pile of lumberjacks on the outside. Miz and Morrison hot shot Carlito on the top rope. A cover is made for a two count. Miz covers Carlito for another two count. Miz knees Carlito then tags in Morrison. Morrison for the cover he gets a two count. After Carlito kicks out, Morrison roles him up again and gets another two count. Carlito catches Morrison off the top rope. Electric Chair Drop and Primo tags in. House of Fire on Miz and Morrison. Primo lands a dropkick. Top rope springboard from Primo on Miz for another two count. Miz is tossed out, blind tag to Morrison. Morrison slams Primo and gets a two count. Morrison goes for Moonlight Drive, Primo kicks out at two. Primo goes to the top. High cross body, Morrison reverses for a two count. Morrison sets up a reverse DDT but Primo reveres into the Backstabber. Cover from Primo for the three count.

Winners & new Unified WWE Tag Team Champions – Primo & Carlito

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. Christian vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. CM Punk vs. Finlay vs. Kofi Kingston

CM Punk is the first participant to the ringside. Mark Henry comes out next with WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas. United States Champion MVP comes out next in red and black. He joins CM Punk and Mark Henry in the ring. Finlay and Hornswoggle come out next. You guessed it, Finlay has the shillelagh. Shelton Benjamin is out next wearing gold trunks. Kofi Kingston is the next participant to ringside. Everyone looks fired up! Christian is in the arena. Christian is wearing silver and gray. Big pop for The Instant Classic. Kane is out next. Michael Cole says he could very well be the favorite for this match.

The bell rings and we’re underway. Kane and Mark Henry clear the ring then work against one another. Henry backs Kane down and whips him coast-to-coast. Splash by Henry in the corner. Shelton gets in the ring with Christian and a ladder and takes out Henry. Then Kane. Kofi Kingston lands a dropkick on the ladder, taking out Christian and Shelton. They tease Kingston hurts himself. He sets up the ladder as we see a replay of him jumping the ladder. Kane and Mark Henry climb up the ladder in the center of the ring. The other participants get in. MVP and Finlay take out Kane, then Punk and Kofi help throw him out. Now the other 6 men focus on Mark Henry. Benjamin tries to sneak up, but Punk meets him. Finlay sets another ladder up ans MVP climbs up the other aside. Both ladders fall as Kane and Mark Henry parted the sea. Kane tosses one of the ladders out and sets another one up. Henry gets up and throws the ladder over, Kane falls off. Mark Henry in the ring alone, Finlay comes in, the ladder is tossed out. Finlay is alone. Suicide dive from Finlay onto Shelton and Kane. Christian is alone in the ring. He goes to the outside with a crazy suicide dive. MVP on the apron, he taunts the crowd. Huge flip to the outside by MVP, he takes out Kane and Christian on the outside. Kofi and Punk are in the ring then dive onto Kane, Christian, and MVP. Shelton climbs to the top of one of the ladders on the ramp, and dives onto all of the participants except Mark Henry. Incredible, incredible spot. Henry attempts to jump off the apron onto the outside but Finlay get the shillelagh and connects. Hornswoggle puts a mini ladder in the ring. Henry is down in the corner as they set up the mini ladder by him. Hornswoggle off Henry’s shoulders with a tad pole splash to the outside. Finlay goes outside and puts a ladder in the ring. He sets it up.

Kofi gets in and tries to stop Finlay. Finlay fights him off but Kofi ends up throwing the ladder down on Finlay. ‘Kofi’ chants from the crowd. Big cross-body in the corner from Kofi but Finlay counters with a ladder. Finlay slams Punk down on the mini ladder. Finlay uses the step ladder as a weapon. Finlay sets the big ladder back up. Kofi is coming too in the ring. Kofi leaps off the ground and takes out Finlay. He climbs the ladder but Mark Henry gets in and knocks it down. Henry hits a headbutt on Kingston. Mark sets up the ladder but Kofi climbs to the top. He falls off and Henry catches him and lands the World’s Strongest Slam on the ladder. Henry back to the top. Henry is half way up but MVP lands a ladder shot to his kidneys from the outside. MVP gets in and stomps Henry down. Shelton Benjamin gets in and goes at MVP. MVP fights him off and sets up the ladder. Suplex try by MVP, Shelton counters and hits a dropkick. Shelton goes off one of the ladders setup from the outside on the ladder in the ring but MVP counters. MVP gets to the top of the ladder, he and CM Punk fight it out. Kicks from Punk and Christian comes in and takes out MVP. Punk knocks Christian off. Punk has his hand on the briefcase but Christian gets up there. Christian hits the Unprettier off the ladder set on the other ladder on CM Punk. Very good spot as MVP climbs the ladder. Shelton is able to get to the top of the ladder and fights MVP at the top. Botchomania for a minute as MVP and Shelton come tumbling off. MVP regroups and goes at Shelton but Benjamin counters and powerbombs MVP to the outside. Shelton and Finlay are working on the top of the ladder as Shelton knocks Finlay off. Christian pulls Shelton off but Shelton fights back. Shelton grabs the second ladder and sets it up by the other one. Christian climbs the other ladder, Shelton follows up the other side. They are teetering on two ladders, going from one ladder to the other. Christian dumps Shelton to the outside. The crowd goes nuts as Christian is on top of both ladders. Punk gets to the top and works with Christian. Christian knocks Punk down and grabs the case. Kane comes up.

Kane slams Christian off the top. Now it’s Punk and Kane at the top of the ladder. Chokeslam attempt from Kane. Punk kicks Kane in the face on top of the ladders. Punk finally knocks Kane off. Punk wins it again!

Winner – CM Punk

25-Diva Battle Royal
Sunny, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Molly Holly, Jackie Gayda Haas, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Brie Bella, Eve, Gail Kim, Jillian, Katie Lea, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Maria, WWE Divas Champion Maryse, WWE Women’s Champion Melina, Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, and Tiffany

Sunny and Torrie Wilson were the two blondes eliminated. Obviously Torrie couldn’t work because of her back. Maria is eliminated by Victoria. Jillian tries to eliminate Victoria. Gail Kim and Jillian are eliminated as Gail landed weird on a hurricanrana to the outside, ouch. Kelly Kelly is eliminated as is Molly Holly. Santino Marella appears to be in the ring dressed in drag. The Bella Twins are eliminated, Maryse is eliminated. We’re down to five. Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Melina, and Santino. Michelle McCool and Mickie James slug it out on the top turnbuckle. They eliminate each other at the same time. Melina and Beth Phoenix are going at it as Santino, dressed in drag, watches from in the ring. Melina is eliminated by Beth Phoenix as the mystery Diva (Santino) gives Beth a push out.

Winner – Mystery Diva (Santino Marella dressed in drag)

Elimination-Style Match
Chris Jericho vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, and Jimmy “Superfly”

Piper instructs the other two legends to get out. They argue in the corner as the bell rings. Piper spits on Jericho and goes after him. Right hands from Piper to gain the opening control. Piper takes Jericho to the outside but gets stuck in the ropes. Piper follows to the outside and bounces Jericho’s head off the announce table. Jericho whips Piper off the ropes but Piper roles him up for a two count. Dropkick from Piper as he bangs Jericho’s head off the turnbuckle. Piper backs Jericho into the corner and whips him coast-to-coast. Jimmy Snuka tags in and goes after Jericho. Backhand chop as Snuka connects on some offense. Crowd seems quiet as Steamboat is tagged in. Steamboat goes off the top rope and hits some deep arm drags. Ricky Steamboat works the arm of Chris Jericho and applies an arm submission hold on Jericho. Steamboat tags in Snuka. They double team Jericho. Snuka headbutts Jericho down to the mat. Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho on Snuka. Referee checks for submission, Snuka taps. Jericho hits a cheap shot on Steamboat, sending him to the floor. Roddy Piper is the legal man as he sets Jericho up on the top ropes and kicks him in the breadbasket. Piper pokes Jericho in the eye, whips him off the ropes and connects a sleeper. Offense from Jericho and he eliminates Piper with a three count.

Steamboat goes off the top rope with a cross body block and a near fall. Jericho counters with a clothesline then kicks Steamboat in the face. Ricky counters with backhand chop but eats a boot to the side of the face. Jericho kicks Steamboat in the back. Jericho goes for a submission hold on Steamboat. Crowd is behind Steamboat as he counters out. Jericho tosses Steamboat over the top but Flair gets on the apron. Jericho knocks him off but it allows Steamboat to send Jericho to the outside. Steamboat goes over the top to the outside onto Jericho. Steamboat can still go! Steamboat gets to the top rope, lands a right hand. He takes Jericho down with hard chops. Steamboat nearly got the fall with a roll-up on Jericho. Both men back to a vertical base as Jericho starts to counter. Running bulldog by Jericho and the momentum has shifted. Jericho goes for the Lion Sault but Steamboat avoids contact. Steamboat sets Jericho up in the corner but Jericho counters. Steamboat counters with a scoop slam and a two count. Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho, he locks it in. Steamboat rolls over and gets a two count. Steamboat finally eats the Code Breaker and is pinned.

Winner – Chris Jericho

Brother vs. Brother Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

The bell rings as Jeff slaps Matt and takes him down. Jeff chases Matt out of the ring and follows the outside. Jeff hits Matt with a poster frame with a WrestleMania poster in it. Jeff grabs a trash can from under the ring but Matt is able to knock it out. Jeff clearly has opening control as he goes off the steel ring steps onto Matt. Jeff throws Matt back in the ring. Jeff grabs the chair Justin Roberts was sitting in and throws it in the ring. Jeff sets it up and goes off the ropes, onto the chair but Matt gets out of the way.

Face plant suplex from Jeff. He goes off the top with a Swanton attempt but Matt gets out of the way. Matt counters with a Twist of Fate and a two count. Matt pounds away with right hands on Jeff. Matt goes to the apron and taunts the crowd. Matt goes to the top, calling for the Swanton. He takes too long as Jeff gets up and lands a superplex. Jeff hits Matt over the head with a steel chair. The blow sends Matt to the outside. Jeff follows him out and sets him up on the table. Jeff hits Matt with a chair as he is on the table. Jeff sets the chair on top of Matt as Jeff goes back under the ring. Jeff gets another table from under the ring and sets it up. Jeff sets the other table on top of the first table with Matt on it and a chair in between. The crowd pops as Jeff goes to the top rope and off with a suicide dive. Jeff goes through both tables onto Matt. Crazy spot. Jeff is already back to his feet as he rolls Matt back into the ring. Jeff goes for the cover close to the ropes, Matt gets his foot on the bottom rope. Jeff goes back to the outside and grabs a chair. Jeff pulls a ladder out from under the ring, make that two ladders. Jeff puts both of them in the ring. Jeff jumps up on a chair and lands a leg drop on Matt. Jeff sets one of the ladders up in the ring. Jeff sets a chair up and then the other ladder up. One ladder is taller than the other. Jeff climbs to the top of the small one and the crowd pops. Jeff goes for a leg drop off the tallest ladder but Matt moves out of the way. Jeff must have been 20 feet in the air as he took one heck of a bump. Matt puts Jeff’s head in the chair and hits Twist of Fate. Three count for Matt.

Winner – Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship Match
JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

The following match is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield comes out first with the belt and a mic. JBL interrupts his music and says this is the greatest day of his life. JBL says he had a dream he would return to Texas champion. JBL says Texas has no champions, no men. JBL says they need a hero, they need JBL. JBL says he is going to give them a treat. He says the fans will probably never improve their rotten life and promises the most dominant victory in WrestleMania history. JBL says he will then return home to his famous wife, still as their hero. The challenger, Rey Mysterio, is out next with a different look. His mask has green hair coming out the back of it. The pyros explode at the top of the ramp. Mysterio is paying tribute to the late Heath Ledger who starred as the Joker in the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

Lilian does the formal in-ring introductions. As the referee is going over the pre-match instructions, JBL delivers a huge boot on Mysterio. The referee finally pulls JBL off Mysterio as he goes for a violent assault in the corner. The referee asks Mysterio if he wants to start the match. Finally the bell is rung and we’re underway. Counter attack from Rey and he lands 619. Mysterio goes off the top with a splash and gets the three count.

Winner & new Intercontinental Champion – Rey Mysterio

JBL is in the ring with a mic. He says he’s got something to say. JBL screams ‘I QUIT’. The crowd pops as Bradshaw drops the mic and gets out of the ring. He slowly walks up the ramp as the fans wave goodbye.

The Streak On The Line
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

Different type of entrance from Shawn Michaels as he is dressed in all white and is lowered down from the top of the stadium in what is like the bucket of a firetruck ladder. They are giving the impression he is coming down from heaven. Once he is lowered to the bottom his music hits and the crowd pops. Michaels says his prayer and the pyros explode. Michaels poses in the ring then pumps the crowd. The lights go out as Undertaker’s music plays. They bring him in up through the floor to give the impression he’s rising from the dead. Undertaker holds his hands out and fire fills the stage. The bell rings and the match is underway. Michaels in white pants and gold pants. Undertaker in his normal ring attire. Michaels lands chops on Undertaker. MMA-type fighting stance from Undertaker as Michaels backs him in the corner and lands a chop. Shawn tries to whip Undertaker but Taker reverses. Undertaker grabs Shawn and throws him over the top turnbuckle. Michaels goes off the top and fakes a knee injury. He jumps on Undertaker and pounds away.

In the words of JR: and a kick out, and a kick out, and a kick out! Great match so far as HBK is down in the ring and Undertaker slowly gets up. Undertaker lowers his straps and gives the throat slash. Undertaker goes for the Tombstone as HBK counters with a DDT. Shawn is on the apron, grabbing the ropes. Michaels goes to the top very gingerly. Michaels lands the flying elbow. Shawn is slow to get up, Undertaker is motionless on the mat. Michaels tunes up the band for a Sweet Chin Music attempt, he lands it when Undertaker gets up. Michaels covers Undertaker – 1, 2, and a kick out! Amazing, that’s all you can say. Shawn and Undertaker work together on the mat and finally make it back to their feet. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Tremendous right hands from Undertaker followed by chops by Michaels. Undertaker takes Shawn to the mat. Undertaker goes for the Tombstone, Shawn counters out and lands several chops. Taker’s chest is battered, bruised and discolored. Undertaker went for a splash but HBK countered with his feet. Michaels climbs to the top rope, he goes for a moonsault but Undertaker catches him and lands the Tombstone. Three count for the Undertaker, he’s 17-0.

Winner – Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship – Triple Threat Match
Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

Lilian is in the ring for the formal introductions. Big Show and John Cena are introduced first. Split reactions for Cena. Edge is introduced last. The bell rings and Cena goes at Edge. Big Show tries to get involved but Cena hits a running bulldog on Edge. Big Show takes Cena down. Edge tries to get Big Show to team up with him to take out Cena. Edge holds his hand up as Big Show picks Edge up and hangs him out to dry on the ropes. Big Show chops Edge in the corner then throws him into Cena. Cena lifts Edge up but Big Show connects with a boot. Big Show connects to the midsection of Cena. Big Show stands on Cena. Edge is on the outside. Big right hand from Big Show on Cena in the corner. Show dominates Cena by standing on him. Cena goes off the ropes for a shoulder block but runs into Big Show who throws him down. Cena counters a Big Show attack by getting him to the outside. Edge dropkicks the ring steps into the knee of Big Show. Cena goes for a leg drop to the outside onto Show. Edge rolls Cena back into the ring, he stomps Cena. Cena goes for an FU attempt but Edge counters and hits a DDT. Two count for Edge.

Edge goes to the top rope but takes too much time as Cena dumps him to the outside. Chavo and Vickie watch on as Big Show connects on a side slam after sneaking up on Cena. Cena throws some right hands at Big Show. He kicks Show in the knee. Chavo pulls Cena to the outside, he eats the Attitude Adjustment (forgive me for having trouble with the name). Big Show gets tied up in the ropes as Edge gets in and takes some Cena shoulder blocks. Cena lifts Edge up and slams him down. 5 Knuckle Shuffle attempt by Cena as Big Show is tied up. Cena lands it on Edge. A loot of boos from the crowd. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment as Vickie gets on the apron. Vickie gets pushed off when Edge is pushed into her. Cena gets a two count. Big Show tells the referee to get him out of the ropes. Vickie and Chavo are down on the outside, Edge and Cena are down on the inside. Headbutts for Cena and Edge from Big Show. Big Show goes for a double chokeslam but only Edge takes it. Cena gets Show up for the Attitude Adjustment but Big Show counters out and lands that big right hand. Cena rolls to the outside as does Edge and Big Show. Edge counters on Big Show and hits a DDT. Vickie and Chavo are helped up and Edge sets up the ring steps on the outside. Cena is out of the picture for a moment. Edge stalks Big Show and runs through the barricade on him. Edge goes over to Cena and rolls him into the ring. He goes for the cover, two count! Edge stalks Cena, waiting on him to get up. Cena gets up, Spear attempt but Cena locks in STF. The referee checks for submission. Cena loses an armband as Edge goes for the bottom rope. Cena pulls Edge back in. Big Show helps Edge get to the ropes, pulls Cena to the outside, and gives him a headbutt. Big Show goes for a splash on Edge in the corner but nobody home. Cena is down on the outside, Show and Edge are down in the ring. Cena tries a suplex, he can’t get him. Edge helps him and they land the double suplex on him.

Cena looks surprised Edge tried to help him. They land a double clothesline on Big Show, sending him to the outside. Edge waits for Cena to turn his back and takes him out. Two count for Edge on Cena. Edge goes for a submission hold, Cena counters. Cena hits a blockbuster, driving Edge’s face into the canvas. Cena to the top rope but Big Show pushes him off. Edge hits the spear in mid air. Edge goes for the cover, Big Show pulled him out and slaps his chest. Big Show gets back in as Edge counter on him. Edge jumps on Show’s back into a sleeper. Show tries to fight him off. Cena gets Big Show and Edge up for the Attitude Adjustment. Edge falls off, he gives one to Big Show, then Edge. Cena covers Edge to get the three count. Incredible strength.

Winner & New World Heavyweight Champion – John Cena

They honored the 2009 Hall of Fame inductees next. The Funks, Bill Watts, Howard Finkel, Koko B. Ware, Kevin Von Erich (who represented the Von Eric Family), Ricky Steamboat (who changed clothes), and Steve Austin all appeared. Biggest pop went to Austin who walked off before the segment was over.

Austin’s music hit as he came out in an Austin 3:16 shirt on a four wheeler. Austin drove around the ring to a huge applause. Austin gets in the ring, it’s beer bash time. Austin catches some beer and starts chugging on the ropes. He walks over to Jim Ross and gives him a beer. He puts JR’s head on and they toasted to a beer. JR says he’s not driving as Austin throws as cooler in the ring. They call it a farewell for Austin and play it up so it probably is his final appearance although we can never say never in this business. Austin rides the four wheeler to the back. JR says we’ll never forget the night the Austin era begin and we’ll never forget the night that it ended.

WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs. Randy Orton

They’re recapping Orton vs. Triple H which is up next. We return to the pay-per-view with a shot of Triple H walking around the backstage area with the WWE Championship belt. He walks right into Vince and Shane McMahon. He taps Vince on the chest and walks off without saying anything. Remember if Hunter is counted out or disqualified, he will lose the championship. Randy Orton’s music cut into Lilian Garcia going over the stipulations, whops. Orton comes to ringside alone. Triple H comes out with the WWE Championship belt around his wait and a sledgehammer in his right hand. Hunter throws the sledgehammer through glass which was done for his entrance and makes his way to the ring. Hunter poses down on the middle turnbuckle, Orton stares him down from the outside. Lilian Garcia is in the ring for the formal introductions. The challenger from St. Louis, Missouri, Randy Orton. From Greenwich, CT, the WWE Champion, Triple H. Scott Armstrong is the referee for the bout. Armstrong calls for the bell and we’re underway. The match begins with Hunter and Orton staring each other down. Triple H takes Orton to the mat and goes on the offensive with stiff right hands. The Game fights Orton into the corner and Armstrong tries to pull him off. Hunter stomps away at Orton as Triple H moves the referee out of the way. Finally Armstrong is able to pull him out, he reminds him of the rules. Out of nowhere Orton hits the RKO.

Triple H is motionless in the ring as Orton just hit the RKO a minute into the match. Orton goes for the punt but Hunter counters and ends up hitting the Pedigree. Hunter can’t go for the cover as he sells the RKO he took moments ago. Orton goes to the outside, Triple H follows. Triple H takes Orton down and bangs him head off the announce table. Orton gets back in the ring as Hunter takes a water and dumps it over him. Orton is in the ring, Triple H rolls back in. Hunter gets back in and lands a right hand and gets over top of Orton and landed repeated blows. The fight momentarily goes to the outside as Hunter slams Orton’s head off the ring post. Hunter tries to follow up his attack as Orton tells him to wait. Triple H ignores his request and continues to strike with right hands. Catapult type maneuver from Triple H onto Orton into the ropes. Vicious knees to the side of the face of Orton by The Cerebral Assassin. Triple H hits a neckbreaker on Orton. Orton goes to the outside. Triple H follows him. Orton countered Triple H and throw him into the steel ring steps. Orton throws Triple H over the barrier. The referee goes to check on him. Orton gets back in the ring and tells the referee to start counting. Orton stomps away at Hunter who gets back in the ring before being counted out. Orton stomps Triple H in the midsection and drops a knee to the back of his neck. Orton kicks Triple H in the face and gets a two count. Orton gets on top of Hunter and pound away. Orton kicks Triple H in the midsection and goes for a sleeper. Back suplex from Triple H in a counter.

Orton counters with a powerslam followed by a two count. Orton applies a reverse headlock on Hunter. He wrenches back as the crowd tries to cheer Triple H on. Orton breaks the hold and pounds away with right hands to the face of Triple H. He backs him in the corner but Hunter fights out with his own right hands. They exchange right hands. Orton walks into a side knee from Triple H. Orton is dazed in the corner as Triple H splashes him. Orton throws Hunter off the ropes and eats a facebuster. Hunter goes for the Pedigree but Orton counters and catapults him into the turnbuckle. Another counter and now they’re working on the top rope. Triple H goes for the suplex but Orton ends up throwing hiim face first on the turnbuckle. Orton goes off the middle rope but Hunter gets his foot up. Orton gets a jack knife cover for a two count. Hunter counters and rolls Orton up for a two count. Triple H hits a spinebuster on Orton then pumps the crowd. Hunter kicks Orton and goes for the Pedigree. Orton counters with an inverted backbreaker. Orton gets a two count on Triple H. Hunter is on the apron, Orton walks up to him, but Hunter elbows him. Hunter goes off the top but runs into an Orton dropkick. Both men are down in the ring. Orton gets to his knees and then his feet. He stands over Triple H with a sadistic look on his face. Orton goes for the punt, Triple H blocks it by grabbing Orton’s right leg. Orton tries to fight out but Triple H ends up throwing him to the outside. Hunter follows him out. Right hands on the outside by Triple H, he bangs Orton’s head into the Spanish announce table. Here it comes… the destruction of the Spanish announce table. The referee tells Hunter not to use the monitor on Orton or he’s disqualified. Hunter drops it and kicks Orton in the head instead.

Orton and Hunter are on the announce table. Hunter goes for the Pedigree but Orton counters and throws Triple H onto the Spanish announce table. Triple H is motionless on the Spanish announce table. The referee tells Orton to get back in. He doesn’t listen as he grabs Triple H and goes for a big DDT onto the floor. He hits it. Randy Orton is back in the ring, Triple H is down on the outside. The referee starts to count Hunter out. Triple H gets back in at nine. Orton stomps away at his face. Orton sets Triple H up in the corner and lands a couple of right hands. The referee tells him to get out after two but he lands repeated blows. Orton then kicks Triple H repeatedly in the corner. Orton throws Triple H into the referee twice, taking him out. Orton hits the RKO on Triple H. Orton gets out of the ring and grabs a sledgehammer from underneath it. As Orton is getting in the ring, Hunter lands a punt to his head. Triple H hits Orton with the sledgehammer, he throws it to the outside. Triple H continues to take out Orton with right hands. The referee finally gets up and gets Hunter off Orton as he beats a motionless Orton. Pedigree from Triple H on Orton – 1, 2, 3.

Winner & still WWE Champion – Triple H

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