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WWE Backlash PPV Results

by on Apr.29, 2008, under Wrestling News

WWE Backlash 2008 Featuring Undertaker

Spoilers of WWE’s Blacklash starts here, so for anyone who has this recorded still and hasn’t seen it, don’t read anymore! Otherwise, continue on.

- Matt Hardy defeated MVP to become the NEW WWE United States Champion. They do in-ring introductions for the challenger Hardy and the champion MVP. Tons of heat for MVP early on. They lock up early, MVP gets a leg, Hardy kicks him away and MVP goes for a takedown. Hardy kicks it off and tells MVP to bring it. MVP gets in a few shots, forearm to the back, but Hardy comes back with some big rights. MVP bails from the ring dodging a big right, but Hardy follows him out, gets a shot in and throws MVP back in the ring. Hardy with an elbow to the face, drops an elbow and then gets a two count. MVP backs Hardy into the corner and gets in a big knee. Hardy comes back with a kick to the face and elbow to the back of the neck. MVP fires back with a big back suplex. MVP puts Hardy up on the top rope, Hardy punches MVP away, Hardy attempts a moonsault, but MVP gets his knees up. MVP brings the action to the ground pulling Hardy’s arm over his shoulder and applying an abdominal stretch. Hardy makes it to his feet, but MVP grabs him by the hair and slams him back down with force. MVP applies another abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage with the referee not looking. Hardy then counters out dropping MVP in a modified samoan drop. They botch a belly-to-belly, so MVP goes to work on Hardy dropping elbows. MVP lifts Hardy to his shoulders and then lifts him high in the air allowing Hardy to hit the ring with force. Hardy fires back with a clothesline soon after. Both connect with rights on each other. Hardy with a big clothesline and bulldog combo from the corner. Hardy counters a Playmaker attempt into a Side Effect that results in a close two count. MVP crotches Hardy on the top rope kicking the ropes to trip up Hardy. MVP goes up, but Hardy pulls him off and hits a Side Effect off the top! MVP counters a Twist of Fate into a rollup. MVP uses the ropes and the referee sees it. MVP counters another Twist of Fate attempt sending Hardy into the corner. MVP connects with a running kick to the head. Hardy falls out of the ring and the referee starts the count. Hardy hits the ring at 9 and MVP can’t believe it. MVP with another series of kicks to Hardy. MVP with another huge kick to Hardy’s head. MVP misses a kick in the corner and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Cover…1…2…3. Matt Hardy is the new WWE United States Champion!

After the match, Hardy celebrates with the WWE United States Title holding it high in the air walking up the ramp as MVP throws a fit in the ring. We see a few highlights of the match going into the finish. Back live, Hardy is continuing to celebrate as the fans in Baltimore cheer loudly.

- Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero to retain the ECW Championship. Chavo’s bodyguard Bam Neely accompanied him to the ring. They again did ring introductions for the challenger Chavo Guerrero and the champion Kane. Tazz had to correct Adamle on the referee who was Mike Posey, not Scott Armstrong. Tazz added, “Nice try!” The bell rings and Chavo attempts a single leg takedown. Kane kicks him away, throws Chavo to the ground and connects with a dropkick to the face coming off the ropes. Kane shows his power lifting Chavo up by his neck behind him and dropping him down. Kane begins choking Chavo in the corner and then lifts him over his head. Kane slammed Chavo down with force to the cheering of the crowd in Baltimore. Chavo gets some offense in tripping up Kane into the corner. Chavo tries to irish whip Kane, but Kane pulls him back and launches him over the top rope. Kane follows Chavo to the outside. Chavo runs back in and then dropkicks Kane when he tries to get in the ring. Chavo jumps at Kane, but Kane catches him and drives him into the ring apron. Kane tries to come off the top rope taking out Chavo, but Chavo trips him up and Kane falls to the outside. Chavo gets in a few kicks and tosses Kane back in the ring. Tazz starts screwing up the move names and says he is starting to pull an Adamle. The commentary is almost more entertaining! In the ring, Chavo goes to work on Kane’s leg, pulls him to the corner, but the referee calls him back in. As this takes place, Bam Neely grabs Kane’s leg and slams it against the steel post. Chavo then goes to work on Kane’s knee in the middle of the ring. Kane kicks Chavo off away. Chavo is up on the top rope, but Kane puts him on his shoulders and drops him down in an electric chair! Kane attempts a chokeslam, Chavo gets out of it, but Kane catches him with a huge big boot. Kane with a side slam on Chavo. Kane with a high back body drop on Chavo. Kane with a flying clothesline on Chavo from the top rope. Chavo then drops Kane’s head over the top rope, goes to the top, jumps, Kane catches him, but Chavo drops Kane with a DDT. Chavo with more offense keeping Kane on the ground. Chavo is back to the top, but Kane grabs him by the neck. Chavo kicks Kane off, Chavo jumps and connects with a Frog Splash. But Kane counters grabbing Chavo by the neck and then drops him with a chokeslam. Kane covers and gets the pinfall to retain the ECW Title!

After the match, Kane holds the ECW Title high in the air. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Kane heads to the top of the ramp and holds the title high once again for the fans.

- Big Show defeated The Great Khali. Foley predicts a war between these two tonight as the bell rings. Big Show and Khali stare each other down and Big Show then gets in Khali’s face. Khali pushes Big Show away. Big Show pushes Khali away. The two exchange more punches. Big Show gets a kick and headbutt combo in. Khali headbutts Big Show. Big Show headbutts him back. They exchange a few more headbutts until Big Show cracks a chop over Khali’s chest. Khali returns with a chop of his own and then levels Big Show with a big clothesline. A “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE” chant starts up at Khali. Khali works on Big Show in the corner with a few punches and elbows. Khali then clotheslines Big Show over the top rope to the outside. Khali goes out with Big Show, throws him into the ring apron and then tosses him back in the ring. Khali levels Big Show with a boot to the head when the action spills back into the ring. Khali drops an elbow over the back of Big Show and Khali applies a modified Crossface. Big Show fights to his feet, attempts a slam on Khali, but he can’t do it and falls back. Khali Chop to Big Show’s head, but Big Show kicks out of a pinfall attempt. Khali pulls Big Show’s arms behind his back stretching him. Big Show fights back driving Khali into the corner and then lifts up Khali for a big scoop slam! Khali fights back applying a choke on Big Show. Big Show breaks it up and levels Khali with a chokeslam! Big Show covers Khali and gets the pinfall. Good commentary by Cole and Foley to keep the interest building throughout the match.

- Shawn Michaels defeated Batista with Chris Jericho as the special guest referee. Pretty considerable amount of heat for Batista. The bell rings and here we go. HBK with a few kicks to the legs, but Batista throws HBK into the corner with force. HBK with some big right hands, but Batista irish whips him and takes out HBK in the corner with a big clothesline. HBK catches Batista with a boot to the face and then gets in a chop block. Batista attempts a spinebuster, but HBK counters into an armbar attempt. HBK drives his knees into the left arm of Batista and then goes back to trying to lock on an armbar. HBK refuses to let go and keeps a modified armbar locked in. Batista uses his strength to lift HBK up over his shoulder and then both fell over the top rope to the outside. Batista favored his shoulder right away. HBK then sent Batista face first into the steel ring post. Jericho starts a 10 count. Batista quickly rolls in and HBK hits some kicks and drops some knees over Batista. HBK goes back to work on Batista’s arm wrenching it back with force. HBK with a drop toe hold and forearms to Batista’s back. HBK with an armbar hanging over the top rope on Batista. Batista screams out in pain until HBK lets go to break it up when Jericho gets in his face. HBK goes to the top and drops a sledgehammer shot over Batista’s neck. HBK tries going back to work on Batista’s arm, but Batista quickly lifts HBK up and drops him in a samoan drop. HBK with some chops on Batista in the corner. Batista launches HBK into the corner and then levels him with a clothesline. Batista with a huge powerslam on HBK, cover, but HBK kicks out after two. Batista Bomb attempt, HBK counters and applies a Crossface. Batista got close to getting the ropes, so HBK broke the hold, covered Batista, got a two count, rolled over and applied the Crossface again! Batista eventually got to the ropes. Jericho had to pull HBK off Batista with force to break it up. Batista with a side slam on HBK. HBK with a flying forearm, flips up, but Batista catches HBK with a Spear! Batista covered, but got a close two count. HBK is up on the top, Batista comes up with, HBK punches him off and HBK connects with a flying elbow. HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Batista catches HBK with a huge spinebuster. Batista Bomb attempt, but HBK counters out, falls down and grabs his knee in pain. Jericho keeps Batista back as HBK favors his knee. HBK gets to his feet and catches Batista with Sweet Chin Music. HBK covers and gets the pinfall.

- Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian, Layla, Victoria & Natalya defeated WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James, Maria, Ashley, Michelle McCool, Cherry & Kelly Kelly. Jerry Lawler talked about this being the first-ever 12-Diva Tag Team Match in WWE history. We start off with Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. Beth gets in a knee, but Michelle gets in a few kicks. Beth grounds Michelle with a big slam. Melina gets the tag and works on the neck of Michelle. Melina with a big forearm to Michelle’s back. Michelle countered a sunset flip into a dropkick to Melina’s face. Melina gets launched into the corner and Mickie James gets the tag. Melina with an elbow to Mickie, but Mickie fights back with a kick and head scissors takedown from the corner. Natalya gets the tag, but Mickie drops her with a neckbreaker. Natalya knocks Cherry off the ring apron and tags in Victoria. Victoria misses her standing moonsault on Mickie and Mickie levels her with a kick. Cherry then runs over and pulls Natalya off the ring apron. This causes a huge brawl to break out. Lawler begs them to come fight over on their announce table. Ashley with a huracanrana on Jillian Hall with the legal tags. Beth knees Ashley from the ring apron and Beth gets the tag. Beth goes to work on Ashley’s neck. Beth lifts Ashley up. Layla gets kicked away, but Beth prevents Ashley from getting a tag. Mickie runs in and DDT’s Beth. Victoria takes out Mickie with the Widow’s Peak. Michelle takes out Victoria. Melina takes out Michelle. Kelly Kelly takes out Melina. Jillian takes out Kelly Kelly. Cherry takes out Jillian. Natalya takes out Cherry. Maria takes out Natalya. Layla takes out Maria. Ashley takes out Layla. Beth grabs Ashley and hits her Fisherwoman’s Suplex to get the pinfall.

- The Undertaker defeated Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Another ring introduction was done for the challenger Edge and the champion Undertaker. Mick Foley brings up the close camera shot on Undertaker when he mouthed the words, “I’m going to hurt you” while looking at Edge. The bell rings and Undertaker steps forward looking to strike. They lock up and Undertaker launches Edge out of the ring through the ropes. Shoulder charge by Taker on Edge. Edge with boots to the face on Taker followed by a quick clothesline. Taker with more strikes on Edge. Taker with a few rights on Edge in the corner. Edge with a clothesline on Taker sending him over the top rope. Taker stays on his feet and Edge catches him with a baseball slide. Edge jumps off the ring apron at Taker, but Taker catches him and sends him back first into the steel ring post! Taker rolls in to break the referee count and headbutts Edge. Taker launches Edge into the ring barricade near the announce tables. Taker again breaks the count and drops Edge face first off the ring barricade. Another count break and drops Edge face first off the ring apron. Taker throws Edge back in, keeps his head out under the bottom rope and hits a big boot. Taker then stands on the ring apron and drops a leg over the chest of Edge! Taker with a scoop slam on Edge in the middle of the ring followed by a leg drop. Edge fires back with a reverse DDT. Edge with a big charge on Taker in the corner. Edge takes the back of Taker and applies a body scissors. Taker turns himself over and starts dropping bombs over Edge. This is starting to look like an MMA fight! Well that didn’t last long as they break it up and Edge connects with a baseball slide sending Taker to the outside. Edge with a camel clutch on Taker to make him humble. Taker looks to lift Edge put, but he falls back down and they roll to the sound with Edge keeping the body scissor in. Taker grabs the ropes, the referee breaks it up and Edge again goes back to the camel clutch. Taker drops Edge back first on the ring. Double clothesline and both men are down. Both men are up, hit double kicks and they are both down again. Back and forth shots between the two. Taker misses a charge, but Taker catches Edge, snake eyes, boot to the face and elbow drop combo. Edge with a big boot on Taker in the corner. Edge puts Taker up on the top, Edge stands up on the top, Taker throws Edge off, goes back to the top, jumps, but Edge moves and Taker lands hard. Edge leaves the ring, grabs the World Title, drops Taker off the top rope, Edge is in, Taker goes for a chokeslam, but Edge counters into a russian leg sweep. Edge is up on the top, Taker launches him off, covers, but Edge gets his boot on the bottom rope. Taker signals for the end. Taker gets Edge up, Edge grabs the ropes, Edge exposes the top turnbuckle and drives Taker into it. Taker levels Edge with a clothesline. Curt Hawkins then runs out and hits Taker over the back of the head with the World Title. Edge covers, but Taker kicks out. Edge attempts a Spear, but Taker counters that into a DDT. Zack Ryder runs down, but Taker throws Edge into him. Edge counters a Tombstone into a sunset flip, but Taker applies the gogoplata! Taker locks it in and Edge eventually taps out.

- Triple H defeated Randy Orton to become the NEW WWE Champion in a Fatal Four Way Match. They do ring introductions for challengers JBL, Triple H, John Cena and champion Randy Orton. This match will have elimination style rules. The bell rang, Orton grabbed the WWE Title from the referee and tried to hit JBL with it. Instead JBL leveled Orton with a big boot. In the ring, Triple H takes out JBL with a suplex and Cena takes out Triple H with a clothesline. Triple H irish whips Cena with force into the corner. JBL gets some forearm shots on Triple H. Cena gets tossed from the ring apron to the Raw announce table. JBL holds Triple H back as Orton gets some shots in. Orton and JBL exchange kicks and shots on Triple H. Triple H with a double clothesline on Orton and JBL. Orton misses a charge on Triple H in the corner. On the outside, Triple H sent JBL shoulder first into the steel steps. Triple H attempts a Pedigree on JBL on the outside, but JBL countered and tripped up Triple H over the ramp. Cena dodges a charge from Orton and gets planted with a blockbuster. Cena up top and takes out Orton with a huge leg drop. Cena then applies the STFU on Orton. JBL almost breaks it up, but stops and smiles at Orton. He yells at Orton to tap out. Triple H then jumps on JBL and applies a Crossface. Orton catches Cena with a thumb in the eye to break it up. Orton then starts taunting at JBL. Cena pushes Orton and Orton hits Triple H to break up the Crossface on JBL. Cena gets launched over the top rope. JBL with a big boot and elbow drop combo on Orton. Orton with a big boot on JBL from the corner. Orton then levels JBL with a clothesline. Orton goes up top and JBL crotches him messing with the top rope. JBL with a big boot on Orton and then goes up top. Triple H and Cena join pulling JBL and Orton down to the ring from the top! Triple H covers Orton and Cena covers JBL, both getting two counts. Triple H and Cena start exchanging lefts and rights. Cena with a suplex on Triple H. Shoulder charges by Cena on Triple H. Cena with a powerslam on Triple H, goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Triple H counters into a big spinebuster. Pedigree attempt, JBL misses a clothesline, Cena goes for the FU, Triple H falls off, Cena gets JBL up and connects with the FU. Cena counters a Pedigree attempt sending Triple H over the top rope. Cena locks the STFU on JBL. JBL taps out.

JBL is eliminated.

Orton then runs in and kicks Cena right in the head. Orton covers Cena and gets the pinfall!

John Cena is eliminated.

We are down to Randy Orton and Triple H. Both men begin to stare each other down. Both start to exchange lefts and rights. Triple H with some powerful rights on Orton. Triple H with a quick suplex on Orton followed by a knee drop to the head. Orton knees Triple H in the gut and drops him with a big right. Triple H sends Orton face first over the top rope. Triple H follows Orton out and bounces his head off the Raw announce table. Orton fights back sending Triple H shoulder first into the steel steps. Orton trips up Triple H on the outside, but Triple H gets in some right hands. Orton stomps his foot over the chest of Triple H and catapults him into the ring barricade. Orton then suplexes Triple H back to the ringside area over the ring barricade. Orton rolls Triple H back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. Orton starts driving his knee into the back of Triple H and Triple H screams out in pain. Orton smiles as Triple H gets to his feet and he levels him with a big right hand. Orton with a knee to the gut on Triple H, cover, but another two count. Both exchange right hands in the corner. Orton breaks it up dropping Triple H with an inverted backbreaker. Orton then applies a headlock as Triple H tries to move out of it. Orton takes Triple H’s back and applies a body scissors with a sleeper. Triple H starts getting to his feet. Orton kills any momentum with a quick powerslam on Triple H. Orton then starts stalking Triple H. Triple H is on his feet. Orton attempts an RKO, but Triple H throws Orton away. Both men are down. The referee begins the count. Both get to their feet by 9. Big flying knee to the head by Triple H on Orton. Big knee to the face by Triple H on Orton, cover, but only a two count. Triple H with a clothesline sending Orton over the top rope. Triple H then launches Orton onto the ECW announce table. Triple H then tosses Orton onto the Smackdown announce table. Orton fights back sending Triple H face first into the ring barricade. Orton breaks apart the steel steps, bringing the bottom half towards Triple H. Orton stands on the steps, grabs Triple H, attempts a piledriver, but Triple H counters and trips up Orton allowong Orton to land back first on the steel steps! Back in the ring, Triple H hits a spinebuster on Orton. Orton counters a Pedigree attempt launching Triple H over his head. Referee bump when Orton goes for the RKO and Triple H counters sending Orton away. Orton with an RKO! Orton crawls over, covers, but Triple H gets a shoulder up. Orton misses a kick to Triple H’s head, Pedigree attempt, RKO attempt, Triple H hits the Pedigree, covers and gets the pinfall. Triple H is the NEW WWE Champion!

After the match, Triple H is handed the WWE Championship and he holds it high in the air. Triple H goes up on the ring apron and holds the title high in celebration. Highlights are shown from the last part of the match between Triple H and Randy Orton leading into the finish. Back live, Jim Ross says the “Age of Orton” is over as a large display of pyro goes off in the entrance area and confetti falls from the arena as Triple H celebrates with the WWE Championship.

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