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SPOILERS – WrestleMania 24 Final Match Results

by on Mar.31, 2008, under Wrestling News

Wrestlemania 24

So, it came and went, and all we could to do bear witness to the awesomeness that was WWE WRESTLEMANIA XXIV
In the Sunny state of Florida, at the famous Citrus Bowl in Orlando, we saw a Record Breaking Citrus Bowl attendance with 74, 635 fans from all across the world.

BUT, if you recorded Wrestlemania or have a chance to see it later, don’t read any further! Otherwise, to see how the night progressed, read on!

Before the start of WrestleMania, Kane won the 24-Man Battle Royal. So he has won the chance at the ECW Championship later tonight against Chavo Guerrero.

Belfast Brawl
JBL defeated Finlay in a Belfast Brawl. In the final moments, Finlay landed a flip senton bomb on JBL followed by sending JBL through the table in the corner of the ring. Finlay goes for the cover, but JBL kicks out. JBL with a kendo stick shot to the knee followed by a Clothesline from Hell. With Finlay down, JBL goes for the cover and gets the pinfall!

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
CM Punk wins the “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match. Towards the end, Jericho is throwing everyone off the ladder. Carlito manages to get up and pulls Jericho off with a Back Cracker! MVP starts smiling as he sees he is the only one left. MVP goes up, starts reaching, but out of nowhere Matt Hardy jumps into the ring and hits MVP with a Twist of Fate! Now the two ladders are stuck together. Morrison starts climbing up one side, but gets thrown off and crotched. Jericho then starts seting up one of the ladders directly under the briefcase. Now Carlito has the briefcase, but Kennedy throws him off. but then Kennedy gets knocked off by Punk! Jericho connects with a Code Breaker on Punk using the ladder! Jericho gets back up. Punk is now the one making his way up. Jericho hits Punk in the face with the briefcase but then he gets tied up in the ladder, falling backwards onto the ring. Giving Punk the chance to gets the briefcase!

Snoop Dogg comes on and says he has a lot in common with one of the wrestlers – Festus!

Raw vs Smackdown
Batista (Smackdown) defeated Umaga (Raw). Near the closing of the match, Umaga continues to go to work on Batista’s neck. But Batista gets back to his feet and fights off the big Umaga. However Umaga comes right back with an enormous spinebuster on Batista! Then, Umaga goes for the Samoan Spike, but Batista blocks it but Umaga does manage to lay down a headbutt. Batista manages to come back with a spinebuster on Umaga. Then Batista stands Umaga up and connects with a Batista Bomb! Boom! Batista pins Umaga and gets the win.

ECW Championship Match
Kane destroys Chavo Guerrero to become the NEW ECW Champion. This match only lasted about 6 seconds with Kane grabbing Chavo and landing a Chokeslam to get the win to become the new ECW Champion. Everyone started wondering if this was a WrestleMania record.

Career Threatening Match
Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair in the Career Threatening Match. As the match continued on HBK picks Flair up from the mat while Flair low blows him while the referee was distracted! HBK goes for his Figure Four on Flair. Flair reached the ropes and gets pulls off the turnbuckle. Flair again goes for the low blow with a thumb to the eye. While writhing in pain, Flair cover’s HBK and gets a close two count. More chops. Another Sweet Chin Music on Flair! HBK gets back on his feet and goes to the corner. Flair manages to get to his feet. HBK mouths “I’m sorry” and “I love you.” HBK hits Flair again with a Sweet Chin Music and covers for the pinfall. Both men begin crying. Wow, what a moment.

After the match, Ric Flair turns to the audience. crying. Regardless of Flair losing, the entire crowd is cheering and clapping for him. Flair takes 1 final last bow while on the stage. Flair walks off the mat, kisses his children at ringside, and slowly walks up the ramp one last time, thanking the fans. Flair continues to walk up the ramp saluting the fans and thanking them. He takes one last look at the fans and then heads behind the mat.

Snoop Dogg is introduced as the Master of Ceremonies for the upcoming BunnyMania match. He rides down the ramp in what J.R. calls the Snoop Mobile. Snoop introduces both teams – Maria & Ashley Massaro and WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Melina.

WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix & Melina defeated Maria & Ashley Massaro. The match starts with Ashley and Beth. Beth overpowers Ashley until Maria gets the tag. The two double-team Beth with a quick takedown. Melina gets the tag and Maria hits her with a big knee. Melina gets thrown out and the lady lumberjacks get in a few shots. Melina with a charge in the corner on Melina. Maria with a Bronco Buster on Melina. Maria pulls Melina from the corner and slams her down hard. Ashley with a big tilt-a-whirl takedown on Melina. Ashley with a facebuster on Melina. Melina throws out Ashley and the “heel” divas get in some shot. Melina catapults Ashley into Beth who applies a bear hug. Cool double-team move saw Melina get launched off Beth’s shoulder into a moonsault on Ashley. Ashley trips up Melina and Beth gets the tag. The lights go out above the ring for some reason. They put spotlights on the ring to light it back up as Maria hits a cross-body on Beth. Maria hits a big bulldog counter on Beth. Melina gets launched off the ring apron by Ashley. Ashley jumps off and takes them out as well. Maria hits a bulldog on Beth, but Santino pulls her off. Jerry Lawler leaves his post and knocks out Santino that gets a big reaction! In the ring, Beth hits Maria with a big fisherman’s suplex and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Snoop Dogg gets into the ring and knocks out Santino. Snoop then gives Maria a kiss to end the segment.

WWE Triple Threat Championship Match
Randy Orton defeats John Cena & Triple H to retain the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat Match. As the match progresses, Cena lands a STFU on Orton. Orton gets to the ropes with Triple H’s help to keep the match going. Triple H throws Cena into the steel steps and goes back to destroy Orton’s knee, but Cena breaks it up. Cena hit them so hard, Triple H is thrown into the corner and falls outside. Cena gets the STFU back on Orton, but Triple H breaks that up. Triple H then applies the Crossface on Cena. Cena gets to the ropes. Cena counters with a side slam and a five knuckle shuffle combo on Triple H. Triple H hits back with an FU attempt, but Cena stops that and lands a Pedigree attempt off that. Triple H gets a spinebuster on Cena. Orton is up on the ring apron but Triple H chop blocks him. Triple H lands a Pedigree on Cena. Triple H then covers Cena…1…2… No Good! Orton stops Triple H by kicking him in the face and then covers Cena. Orton gets the pinfall and has retained the WWE Title!

No Holds Barred Match
Floyd Mayweather knocks out The Big Show. The fight is an interesting one, the epic Speed versus power struggle. As the match goes on, Big Show even is able to take out Mayweather’s crew one by one until they’re all gone, finally getting back to Mayweather. Big Show lands his huge forearm over the back of Mayweather and then starts dragging him back to the ring. Once back in the ring, The Big Show lifts mayweather up for a chokeslam, but one of Mayweather’s posse hits Big Show over his back with a steel chair. Big Show responds by chokeslaming that crew member. However Mayweather has had time enough to grab the chair and land it in The Big Show’s gut, back, then goes for the head, but Big Show stops him. Mayweather gets in a low blow kick and shot to the head. Then Mayweather gets two more shots to the head with the steel chair on Big Show. Mayweather now takes out some brass knucks, puts them on and connects with a huge right hand on Big Show! Big Show goes down and is unable to get up before the 10 count. Floyd Money Mayweather is your winner.

Next the WWE announces next year’s WrestleMania will take place in Houston, Texas.

World Heavyweight title match
The Undertaker buries Edge. In the final moments of the match, as both wrestlers tire, Edge blocks a tombstone attempt. So the Undertaker goes on the top rope, but as Edge gets up, he bumps the Referee and Edge lands a low blow to The Undertaker when the referee was down. Edge goes outside the ring and gets a TV camera, and smashes it over the Undertaker. Next comes a Tombstone piledriver by The Undertaker. But out of nowhere, Charles Robinson runs down to the ring, a long enough distraction to allow Edge to kick out. The Undertaker gets in a chokeslam of one into the other. Then a spear by Edge, allowing him a cover, but The Undertaker kicks out. Another spear, but this time it was no good. The Undertaker gets Edge into his submission manuever. Edge taps out at 23:51. That means The Undertaker wins via submission and captures the World Heavyweight title. 16-0!

The Undertaker neals down in the ring with the gold belt, as pyro goes off and ends the biggest Wrestlemania Ever.

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Final Matches For Tonight’s WrestleMania 24

by on Mar.30, 2008, under Wrestling News

Wrestlemania 24
Alright Wrestling Fans, Here’s the final list of matches for Tonight’s 4 hour Wrestlemania XXIV

The wait is finally over. Tonight, World Wrestling Entertainment will present its biggest show of the year – WRESTLEMANIA XXIV.

Triple-Threat WWE Championship Match
- Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Triple H

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Edge vs. The Undertaker

Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs. The Big Show

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
- Ken Kennedy vs. Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito vs. MVP

Career Threatening Match
- Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

Raw vs. SmackDown Match
- Umaga vs. Batista

BunnyMania Lumberjack Match
- Ashley & Maria vs. Beth Phoenix & Melina

Belfast Brawl
- Finlay vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

24-Man Battle Royal
Which will air on WWE.com before the PPV begins – Winner gets a ECW Championship shot later in the night against Chavo Guerrero

- Confirmed Participants: Snitsky, Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble, Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Val Venis, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Mark Henry, Chuck Palumbo, The Great Khali, Deuce, Domino, Jesse, Festus, Kane, Elijah Burke, Steven Richards, The Miz, Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston

ECW Championship Match
- Chavo Guerrero vs. Battle Royal Winner

This will be one heck of an event. Stay tuned for updates as Wrestlemania Unfolds

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