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Suspicion Surrounds Randy Orton’s Motorcycle Accident

by on Aug.22, 2008, under Wrestling News

WWE Superstar Randy Orton

Last week we reported that Randy Orton was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident that re-broke his collarbone near his home (in High Ridge, Missouri). As the story goes, The Legend Killer Orton claimed his motorcycle struck the curb after a car veered into his lane, causing him to swerve to widen his turn. Where Orton said he was thrown off his motorcycle and continued to roll 300 feet while unconscious. Landed in the ditch, Orton believes he could have died had he not been wearing a helmet. He said his only injury was to his collarbone, which won’t require additional surgery, but he would be out of action for about three months…

Well according to Wrestling Observer, the entire ordeal does seem suspicious. Thus far, the St. Louis media has yet to report anything on the supposed accident. Secondly, the Missouri highway patrol has no record of responding to any accident involving the WWE Superstar, although they would likely only have to do with the highways. (continue reading…)

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Randy Orton Speaks on Health Updates After Near Fatal Motorcycle Accident

by on Aug.19, 2008, under Wrestling News

Randy Orton The Legend Killer

As we reported last week, Randy Orton was recently involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Good news is that Randy Orton is well enough to post the following on the forums of Randy-Orton.com and has taken a pic of himself for the site holding a piece of paper saying he doesn’t have a MySpace page, so yes, it’s him. Here is what he posted: (continue reading…)

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Major Randy Orton Interview, Health Status, Favorite Wrestlers

by on Aug.14, 2008, under Wrestling Deals

Randy Orton The Legend Killer

The Sun has published an interview with Randy “The Legend Killer” Orton while he was in the UK last week. The interview touches on which wrestlers Randy Orton likes, as well as who he dislikes.

Orton starts by praising Ric Flair, Undertaker and Triple H, but took aim at Hardcore Holly, Bubba Ray Dudley (TNA wrestler Brother Ray), and former WWE star Test. “I never liked him,” Orton said of Bubba Ray. “I never liked what he did because he only thought of himself. In the match my foot was broken, it was his fault… Bubba Dudley is the most out of shape, fat, non-work-ethic-having person I knew. And you had a bad taste in your mouth when you met him.” (continue reading…)

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Randy Orton Speaks About Mr. McMahon, Becoming A Father, His Future in Wrestling

by on Jul.09, 2008, under Wrestling Deals

Randy Orton The Legend Killer

Thanks to WrestlingDeals reader Tim for sending us this Randy Orton interview in the latest issue of WWE magazine:

WWE Mag asked Randy Orton what it’s like to be “reamed out” by Mr. McMahon. Orton replies, it’s like being called into the principal’s office, you just have to sit there with your head down and take what’s coming. He quotes Mr. McMahon saying, “Dammit Randy, why’d you have to cuss out the rental car place because they gave you an SUV, and not a luxury car?”, or “Why’d you have to throw your spaghetti on the floor because your meatballs weren’t done? What’s wrong with you?” He says Mr. McMahon takes the bad things he does personally, like a slap in the face. And when WWE Mag asks Randy why he’s still there, he simply says he’s good at what he does, and he knows that.

Next, the interviewers ask The Legend Killer what’s changed since their interview back in 2006. Orton says his perception of the world has changed a lot now that he’s married, and about to be a father. He says his job is to take care of his family, and to make sure the world is a better place for them.
(continue reading…)

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