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Nick Turns 18 In Jail, Linda Comments on Brooke Posing For Playboy

by on Jul.28, 2008, under Wrestling Deals

Nick Bollea In Court

According to celebrity site TMZ, Nick Hogan, aka Nick Bollea, celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday by being transferred into Pinellas County Jail’s Central Division. Nick Bollea will reside there in the direct supervision housing section which holds around 70 adults and 1 correctional officer. Hulk Hogan says that Nick works as a “janitor” behind bars. TMZ reports that Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan, Bubba the Love Sponge and bunch of Nick’s friends sang “happy birthday” to him over a video monitor. After that, they were allowed to visit him 2 at a time. His sister Brooke was not there.
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Jenny McCarthy Appearing Live In Washington D.C. To Fight Autism

by on Jul.27, 2008, under Wrestling News

Jenny McCarthy in a Bikini

Model, Actress, Comedian, Playboy Playmate, and now Activist Jenny McCarthy will be making a live appearance at this Monday’s Saturday Night’s Main Event taping in Washington D.C. to promote her fight against autism campaign.

The WWE and Jenny McCarthy are working together to promote the fight against autism. Unfortunately, like the 1-2 in 1,000 children nowadays, Jenny McCarthy’s son has autism and has been working hard to promote awareness for the disease and find a cure.
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Rapper Method Man Calling Hulk Hogan Lame, Brooke Hogan Posing For Playboy?

by on Jul.18, 2008, under Wrestling News

Brooke Hogan Playboy

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Rapper/actor Method Man, who is a huge wrestling fan by the way, recently spoke to KWIN 98.3 radio about Hulk Hogan and all of the drama surrounding him lately. Method Man said that Hulk Hogan should be more sympathetic towards John Graziano when he’s talking to the media. MM goes on to say Hogan used to be his favorite wrestler, but now he thinks he’s just “lame”.

And the tarnish isn’t just on the Hulkster himself. Normally, we’re not one to complain when a busty blonde decides to bare it all. But this time around, we might keep the google filter on. Recently lots of rumors are going around that Brooke Hogan will be posing nude for Playboy in the near future. Both In Touch and Life & Style magazines are reporting that Playboy has made the offer to Brooke, but there’s no word on whether she has accepted the offer or not.

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Picture of WWE Diva Ashley Massaro With her New Body Tattoo

by on Jun.18, 2008, under Wrestling News

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Playboy Model Tattoo

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has gone and gotten herself a new tattoo – and damn is it big!
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WWE Diva Ashley Massaro’s Interview: Secret Hospitalization, Shaving Her Head

by on May.29, 2008, under Wrestling News

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro

Below is an interview with WWE Diva Ashley Massaro fresh off her Playboy Pictorial, courtesy of the the newest WWE Magazine:

We hate to bring up a sore subject, but how did you get tossed from Survivor after two episodes?
To make a long story short, never trust a male model. I thought Dave was a good guy, which was my biggest mistake. Well, that and maybe I shouldn’t have drunk that muddy water. That’s why I got sick. Man, my team became so mismanaged and disorganized. Were I in full health, things would have been different, and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten kicked off so early.

Were there any positives about the whole experience, other than hanging out with the awesome Jeff Probst?
I got to see a lot of China and experience much of the culture, whether I was rushing through Shangai or Nanchung. And another cool thing about the show was that it was the first American television production to be filmed in China.

Do you think you’d ever give reality TV a shot again?
I’m not the most private person. I share a lot on my MySpace page. I post a lot of personal information on my blog, and I’m very candid. I even gave out my phone number on Raw during the WWE Diva Search. And yet having a camera always up in my grill is not for me. They have footage of me naked, trying to bathe in the water, going to the bathroom — everything. That’s just too much for me.

Since your time on Survivor was short-lived, how did you spend the rest of your time off?
When I got back from China, I was sick. I had to go to the hospital because my kidneys got all messed up from being dehydrated. So I really took it easy for a while. Because of the illness, I moved down to Raleigh, NC, to be closer to my parents. I was only there for three months. That place really wasn’t for me.

So it’s pretty hard for New Yorkers to exist outside the Big Apple, huh?
Actually, I moved to Austin, Texas, and I love it there. I’m no Texan, but Austin is such a rad city. Tons of bands play there and it has a great nightlife — it’s like a mini-New York City.

Were we to visit Austin, where might we find you?
There’s a place called the Alamo Drafthouse, a theatre that shows tons and tons of movies — both new and old. But the coolest thing about it is that you can eat and drink during the films. Actually, I was there not too long ago and Crispin Glover was screening a movie that he had directed and produced. So I got to hang out with George McFly!

Sounds like your time off was a blast. Was it hard to return?
I was so excited to be back! I couldn’t get the smile off my face when I made my entrance. I surprised a lot of people — even my family — when I came out. And participating in the Lingerie Pillow Fight (on the 1/7/08 Raw) was cool too. I’d never been in one, and I didn’t really know how to brawl in it. I mean, is it wrong to choke someone with a pillowcase?

In addition to changing cities and brands, you’ve changed your ‘do. What made you go all Posh Spice?
When I came back from China, my hair was pretty gnarly, so I got it cut at a salon. But it was still long, and I didn’t really like it. I wanted to shave my head and go all Britney Spears, but my mom convinced me not to. So one day I just went into the bathroom and cut it myself. I don’t know what I was thinking, because I’m not a hairdresser by any means, but I just took a pair of scissors and a razor blade and started going at it. And it turned out all right. I really like it.

Do you feel like showing off your new ‘do in another Playboy spread?
I’m really happy about how the last one turned out. Playboy catered the shoot to my personality. They spray-painted my tattoos on the set wall. So you never know, maybe I’ll have another go at it.

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