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Randy Orton Talks About WrestleMania Match, Dumping Manu, More

by on May.18, 2009, under Wrestling Deals

WWE Superstar Randy Orton

In an interview with The Sun, Randy Orton shares his opinion on his match with Triple H at WrestleMania XXV, punting Vince McMahon in the head, why Manu was booted from Legacy and ultimately released from WWE, which wrestler he would add to Legacy, and much more. Here’s some of the highlights:

On his match with Triple H at WrestleMania XXV: “This was a storyline where Triple H needed retribution. He needed to beat the living p*** out of me because of what I did. I handcuffed him and made him watch while I beat up his wife and then kissed her while she was unconscious. Then to top it off after I do that, I knock him out with a sledgehammer to the head. I kick his father-in-law in the skull and put him in the hospital, and do the same to his brother-in-law. I think when all that happens and then you have this match where he can’t be disqualified or he loses the title, you kind of screw yourself. We were not able to do everything that the other guys were able to do. Matt and Jeff Hardy had a hardcore no-holds-barred match. They were able to use all the bells and whistles to beat the hell out of each other. Everyone was expecting Triple H and I to do the same, but we had rules that put a fence around everything we were able to do. We weren’t able to go to the extreme. If anything hurt us, it was that.”

Did he try changing the rules of the match with Vince McMahon? (continue reading…)

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Interview With HHH: Working With WWE, Vince, Steph & More

by on Mar.22, 2009, under Wrestling News

HHH - The Game

HHH - The Game

MSN had a chance for an online interview with Triple H while he was promoting the 500th episode of SmackDown. It was at least worth pointing out some highlights:

On the grueling WWE schedule:
Tripe H started this by saying: Sometimes people say, “It’s so rough, it’s so rough.” It’s not that bad. It used to be a lot worse. But I have two kids and I am home three days a week. But when you do go on the road, it’s hectic. You’re in a different city every day. You fly in to a new town, you do a show, you go to the next town, you sleep, you wake up and do it again. It’s basically just a series of transportation, to the gym, to the arena, to the plane.

On revealing Stephanie McMahon as his real wife:
For story lines and business, we try to keep that stuff separate. But people knew and we joked about it when I was in DX [comic wrestling tag team formed with fellow superstar Shawn Michaels]. The only reason I was apprehensive is where do we go on the flip side of it. Look at it like this: There is the real world and the WWE Universe. So the cat is now out of the bag in the WWE Universe and it now exists there. So anything that has to do with me story-line-wise, you have to be conscious of the fact that I am married into the McMahon family. That throws a different curve into it. So my only concern was it tainting future story lines. Say something happens, and it’s like, “Well, why doesn’t he get that change through his father-in-law?” [Laughs.] We have created a wrinkle in the fabric of the WWE Universe.
(continue reading…)

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Hulk Hogan Causing Trouble Again – Hypes Reality Show, Slams Triple H

by on Dec.03, 2008, under Wrestling News

In an interview with Eagle1057.com from Atlanta, GA, Hulk Hogan got a chance to discuss Vince McMahon’s negative reaction to his Celebrity Championship Wrestling program on CMT.

“All of a sudden, Vince McMahon raised his ugly head and thought we were threatening his company and he’s been doing everything he can to shut us down,” Hogan told the radio station. “We’re just a reality show.”

Hogan said he was intitially worried the celebrities wouldn’t take wrestling seriously because they were paid upfront, but he had a positive experience so far.

Hogan claimed even the great Regis Philbin inquired about being on the series when it was first announced, and now people from “all of the major companies” are calling wanting to be part of Celebrity Championship Wrestling.
(continue reading…)

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HHH Not A “Wrestler”, He’s A Superstar

by on Oct.08, 2008, under Wrestling News

Triple H - The Game

Last week, WWE Champion Triple H appeared on Good Day New York to promote SmackDown’s move to MyNetwork TV. Really? you ask. Apparently so. There wasn’t much to watch except when one of the hosts called him a wrestler.

Right away, HHH told them he’s not a wrestler and said he is a Superstar.
But that’s not the best part. What we got a kick out of is when the hosts asked him what happens if they call him a wrestler and he said then they would have to wrestle. (continue reading…)

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Kurt Angle Sounds Off on HHH, Vince McMahon, discusses Chris Benoit

by on Mar.17, 2008, under Wrestling News

Jurt Angle
Source: TheSun.co.uk

The UK Sun Newspaper interviewed Kurt Angle last week and it’s a great interview! Angle talked about his chilling encounter with Chris Benoit about 1 year before the tragedy and had some serious words for Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon. Here some of the best parts:

Kurt Angle about Triple H: Burying him backstage when people cheered Kurt over John Cena: “Triple H obviously wanted to bash me because I was a better wrestler than him and I deserved to be in the spot that he was in but he was never going to give up, he’s Vince’s son-in-law. I had to deal with that stuff all the time.
I’d wrestle Shawn Michaels and I’d get a little rough with him, then I’d get heat from Vince McMahon because I beat up on Shawn too much So I’m like: ‘Well you know what, I’m tired of the two long-haired sissies. If they can’t go up against me then don’t put them up against me.”

Kurt Angle about Vince McMahon: “TNA is where I want to be and I’m happy where I am. Vince McMahon can kiss my *ss.”

Kurt Angle about Chris Benoit: “About a year before what happened I was talking to Chris – and they (WWE) were kind of running him ragged – and he pulled me aside and said: ‘Listen, I’m ready to snap.’ And I could see it in his face, it wasn’t like a normal:
‘I’m ready to snap, I’m really run down.’ He was looking at me real intense like he was going to kill me. He got some time off but when he came back they ran him ragged him again and he ended up getting concussion, brain damage and somewhere along the line he did snap. But everybody wants to blame it on WWE and Vince McMahon – and it’s really not their fault.”

As for Kurt’s move to TNA when he first arrived: “When I stepped in, what I saw were a bunch of good wrestlers flying around the ring. Nobody really cared about them. That’s the philosophy and psychology I’ve been trying to teach these wrestlers. We need to build characters.”

If you want, you can download the entire interview here.

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