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Last Night’s 2008 Royal Rumble – News, Updates *Spoilers*

by on Jan.28, 2008, under Wrestling News

John Cena’s Return to the Royal Rumble
First off, the buzz in the air was electrifying! The line to even get in Madison Square Garden was stretched all around the building! Once inside, programs went for and showed every WWE superstar except Lashley. (wonder if they had to reprint them?)

There were so many people there. The place was just packed!

Royal Rumble kicked off with an anazming intro video that took place in the subway of New York City and replayed clips from the past Royal Rumbles. They had Superstars from the 80s, 90s along with commentary from the late Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross.

Next was a HUGE fireworks display – keep in mind we’re LIVE inside Madison Square Garden! The crowd is going nuts!

Michael Cole comes out and welcomes all of us to the 21st Royal Rumble. For anyone wondering, there were 20,798 men, women, and children in attendance to witness the momentus event.

*SPOILER ALERT* If you haven’t watched Royal Rumble yet, and plan to, STOP READING HERE. For everyone wanting to know the results, read on!

MATCH 1: RIC FLAIR vs. MVP: Flair is first out and has something to say so he takes the mic. First, he thanks everybody for the honor of wrestling in Madison Square Garden. But then, MVP comes out and interrupts Flair’s speech. The match has a lot of “false starts,” but eventually Flair gets the upper hand and goes to work on MVP in the corner. Flair unloads with a series of chops, but MVP recovers and starts to control the match. MVP throws Flair into the corner and unleashes a snap-mare. MVP starts tightening a chinlock on flair… MVP picks up Flair, slams him into the corner, and runs at him, but Flair puts up his elbow. BOOM MVP goes down. Flair goes for a figure 4, but cant complete. Flair is still in control now. Flair goes for the figure four again, but MVP counters with again no success. It gets countered with a small package. Referee starts counting 1..2..KICKOUT! MVP still in control. MVP pins the Nature Boy, but Flair managed to get his feet on the ropes. As the furious MVP argues with the ref, Flair rolls him up for a 2-count. MVP breaks out, manages to get to the top rope and does a Suplex on Flair. MVP is in total control now. Flair is staggering under the brutal slaps by MVP. Confident of a pin, MVP goes for his Playmaker finisher, but Flair avoids the pin. Flar then gets the upper hand, goes again for a figure 4 and BOOM – MVP submits! WINNER: RIC FLAIR

The screens go to cameras backstage. We see Mr. McMahon talking to Hornswoggle about the luck of the Irish and his family’s history of promoting events in the Rumble…blah blah McMahon tells Hornswoggle that he better carry on the McMahon name tonight. McMahon says Hornswoggle he can’t trust anybody – including Finlay. And just on cue – In walks Finlay asking what Vince is talking about. Vince just repeats that Hornswoggle can’t trust anbyody. Finlay gave McMahon a look and Hornswoggle jumped on Finlay and carried him out.

Famous WWE announcers Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us ringside. They introduce a new broadcaster to the WWE – former American Gladiators host Mike Adamle who previews the Chris Jericho vs. JBL match and we cut to a video package highlighting the feud.

MATCH 2: CHRIS JERICHO vs. JBL: Both men start brawling to start the match. Next thing we knoware on the floor really going at it. They get back in the ring, and Jericho charges at JBL, but JBL is ready and hits him with a stungun. Wow did Jericho get air on that. JBL follows up with a shocker of a clothes line. JBL then picks up Jericho and lands another clothes line. Boom – JBL is now Jericho on the bottom rope. Chris Jericho is now under the ropes and is on the receiving end of a slingshot, driving Jericho’s throat back into the bottom rope. In case you couldn’t tell, JBL is in total control and Chris Jericho is just being punished. JBL now goes in for a sleeper hold. But Jericho breaks free, goes to the ropes, ducks a big boot and nails JBL with an enormous clothesline. As JBL gets up, Jericho charges at him again, it doesn’t work as Jericho only gets a face full of boot. JBL grabs Jericho and throws him into the corner – hard. Jericho’s head hit the post and rolls to the outside. Jericho’s head is busted open, bleeding bad on the outside. JBL lands some shots on Jericho. JBL brings Jericho back inside and starts stomping on him in the corner. For those not keeping track at home, JBL has just dominated for minutes now… BOOM – CLOTHLESLINE BY JERICHO! – AND ANOTHER! Jericho can’t complete a bulldog and the crowd starts booing and chanting “You F’d Up”. All Fired up, Jericho connects with a few of his signature moves and lands a lionsault! That was impressive. Jericho keeps going with clotheslines and both men go over the top rope outside. They start brawling on the floor. Jericho of course is covered with blood, but grabs a chair from the outside and smacks JBL a good one. This of course forces the ref to end the match. Jericho goes and grabs a TV cable to choke JBL. Next thing you know, as the bell is still going off, he’s got it around JBL’s neck. Jericho jumps out of the ring and hangs JBL with the cable. Next, Jericho stands on the announcers table, and starts pulling on the cable – the same cable still around JBL’s neck!! Chris Jericho goes up the ramp into the back and Lillian Garcia announced the winner. JBL WINS BY DISQUALIFICATION

Next, we see Ashley backstage. She’s knocking on Maria’s dressing room, asking for her. But out walks Santino. Santino of course does his crazy funny stuff.

Next a WrestleMania XXIV (24) graphic is shown, reminding us the big event is only 63 days away.

Next Event is the World Heavyweight title match announces Jonathan Coachman and Michael Cole.

We see Videos hyping the Edge vs. Rey Mysterio match, recapping the entire feud.

MATCH 3: EDGE vs. REY MYSTERIO (World Heavyweight Title) Edge comes out with some impressive pyrotechnics. Then Vickie Guererro is wheeled out by Teddy Long. Next, Zach Ryder and Kurt Hawkins come out to watch ringside. During the intros, Edge was clearly the crowd favorite as Mysterio was boo’d. Edge shoves Mysterio as the match begins. The two men circle a couple times. The crowd starts chanting “Lets go Edge” loudly. Edge and Mysterio lock up and Edge gets the upper hand. Edge twists Mysterio’s arm and he drops to his knees. Rey kicks out as the crowd boos. Mysterio jumps off the rope, drops Edge down in some crazy Mysterio only type move, but the crowd didn’t care as they still chanted Edge’s name. Edge picks up the little Rey and throws him to the outside. The referee forces them back, which gets boo’s. As they’re back in the ring, both men go back and forth but again Edge gets the upper hand. Announcer Cole says Mysterio wants to keep it as fast paced as possilbe while Edge wants to slow it down and work the ground game. Mysterio goes for the 619, but no sir. Edge jumps up first and powerslams poor Rey. Edge starts working Rey over with some submission holds, focusing on Rey’s recently repaired knee – More “Lets Go Edge!” chants from the crowd. We see Vickie Guererro ringside and clearly happy Edge is in control. Mysterio starts to battle back, but again Edge chops him down working on that knee of Mysterio’s. Rey eventually gains control and lands a nice hurracanrana. Then Mysterio goes off the top rope and stomps on Edge. Mysterio then throws Edge into the ropes, who deftly slides under and onto the outside. Mysterio follows him out by sliding under the ropes and lands a tornado DDT. Back in the ring, Mysterio bounces off the ropes and right into a huge boot from Edge. OUCH! Edge goes for the spear but misses. Mysterio goes for a Hurracanrana, followed by a 619! Rey off the top rope with a HUGE slam. The Ref starts the count…1…2…NO SIR! Vickie Guererro jumped out of her wheelchair and interrupted the ref’s count! Rey is yelling at Vickie while Edge comes at him for a spear. Rey moves, and Edge is stuck in another 619. Vickie again tries to help Edge, but both this time she and Edge get hit with the 619! Rey for the top-rope springboards onto Edge, but he nails Rey with a SPEAR! 1-2-3!! WINNER: EDGE by PINFALL.

Now Backstage, we see Kennedy and Ric Flair talking in the lockerroom. In walks HBK, Triple H and Batista. Nothing really important is said or done here.

Now for the easy on the eyes part. WWE Diva Maria comes out blowing kisses at the camera. Followed shortly by Ashley. Ashley says she was chatting with Hugh Hefner, who is wanting to know if Maria will pose for Playboy. Just as we’re about to hear her answer, down comes Santino. That bastard! But he’s followed by someone covered in a sheet. Santino runs through the New York sports teams. But again, Ashley asks Maria again if she would pose. When Maria asks the crowd who wants to see her in Playboy, Santino takes the mic again. (This boy is really getting on my nerves) He invites his “special friend” to come into the ring. As the sheet comes off, we see their true identity – Big Dick Johnson in a New England Patriots jersey. So nothing good comes from this.

Next comes a video preview for WrestleMania 24 with Kelly Kelly and Mae Young as baywatch type lifeguards on the beach.

Announcer Mike Adamle is now ringside and sets up the WWE title match. The video package highlights the WWE careers of both Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy.

MATCH 4: RANDY ORTON vs. JEFF HARDY: Both men lock up and go from one side of the ring to the other while still locked up. The two men have to be seperated and have a staredown. Jeff Hardy shoves Randy Orton and they go at it again. Then there’s Loads of fast-paced back and forth action. Eventually Hardy takes control and gets off a few of his signature offensive moves. Hardy picks up Orton and lands an atomic drop. Out comes the Ref for the first time 1…2….No sir, the match isn’t that short. Orton quickly gets up and starts beating Jeff into the corner. Orton whips Jeff off the ropes but gets a kick to the midsection followed by a clothesline to the outisde. Hardy lands a HUGE dropkick through the ropes sending Orton flying backwards on the guardrail. You could just heard Orton’s head bouncing off it pretty hard. Orton starts struggling to get up just as Hardy does a big suicide dive over the top rope on Orton. Hardy jumps back in the ring to break the 10-count, then runs back outside to beat Orton more. Hardy finally throws Orton back in the ring and goes to jump over the top rope, but the recovered Orton connects with a dropkick, sending him outside! Orton now slides out of the ring and drops big suplex on Hardy. The two men get back in the ring with Orton stomping on the almost unconscious Hardy. Orton goes for the pin and gets a 2-count. Hardy gets up and starts fighting back with right hands and again throws Orton out the ring. Hardy follows Orton through the ropes and lands a big flying clothesline off the ring. Hardy rolls Orton back into the ring for the pin, but can only manage to get a 2 count. Hardy goes for a spear, but misses and slams his head off the steel ringpost. Orton then drags Hardy into the center of the ring for a pin, but again ONLY a 2-count. Hardy recovers and starts gaining some momentum, but as Hardy goes for a twist of fate – out of nowhere – Orton LANDS the RKO for the win!!!! WINNER: RANDY ORTON

Next, the famous Michael Buffer gets in the ring and reads the rules and announces the #1 and #2 draws.
Royal Rumble Match
#12 is CM PUNK
#14 is UMAGA
#15 is SNITSKY
16: The Miz
17: Shelton Benjamin
18: Superfly Jimmy Snukka
19: Rowdy Roddy Piper
20: Kane
21: Carlito
22: Mick Foley
23: Mr. Kennedy
24: Big Daddy V
25: Mark Henry
26: Chavy Guererro
27: Finlay
28: Elijah Burke
29: Triple H
30: JOHN CENA!!!

Of course, the Royal Rumble has to be the strangest match in the WWE. The final 2 survivors from last year’s Rumble, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, drew Numbers 1 & 2. This made them the first Superstar duo to finish one Rumble and begin the next.

The smallest competitor, Hornswoggle, drew 9th, and promptly hid under the ring. He only popped out to eliminate The Miz. When he came out the second time, Mark Henry dragged Hornswoggle into the ring. Finlay of course came out to protect our friendly leprechaun, but as the Irishman attacked everyone with his shillelagh, he was disqualified from the Rumble. Which took Hornswoggle with him.

Two WWE Hall-of-Famers shocked the crowd with their appearance, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper entered at 18 and 19, respectively – to a pair of ENORMOUS ovations from the crowd. But after a quick attack that rekindled their 25-year-old rivalry, both superstars were dumped by entrant 20, Kane.

After 29 Superstars entered the ring, the biggest surprise of them all came out – 3 time former WWE Champion John Cena entered as contestant Number 30. As Cena’s theme started playing, The Game stared in disbelief toward the ramp. Pointing at his repaired right shoulder, Cena yelled “You and me, it’s go time!” to The Game, and the fight was on.

The Final 4 are Cena, Triple H, Batista and Kane. Kane grabs The Animal AND Triple H by the throat. But they turn on him together and throw the big red machine out. So its down to 3! Madison Square Garden is going absolutely insane!! Batista does his signature taunt, – the double thumbs up / thumbs down. Cena doeshis “You can’t see me”. And Triple H does his oh so famous double crotch chop. And all 3 men go at it! Batista does a spinebuster on Cena. Then A Spinebuster on Triple H. Then Batista goes for his “Batista bomb” on John Cena, but it’s blocked. Triple H manages to eliminate Batista and Its down to 2. Cena and Triple H! They exchang punches and surprisingly the crowd seems behind Triple H. Back and forth the go… Cena goes for a F-U on Triple H, but it’s reversed. Then another Pedegree is reversed. Then a Double clothesline and both men are down!! Cena’s first to get up, and sets up the game for the F-U that ends the match.


Wow, what a match. A definite watch for those who can. Stay tuned for more updates.

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