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J.R. Weighs In on Ric Flair’s Coming Out Of Retirement

by on May.21, 2009, under Wrestling News

WWE Jim Ross aka J.R.

WWE Jim Ross aka J.R.

The big man himself, Jim Ross (better known as WWE announcer J.R.) updated on his blog, speaking on the subject of Ric Flair coming out of retirement and returning to the ring. Here are some of the highlights:

– Ric called me last Sunday morning and we had a nice talk and I could tell that “Naitch” was getting “the itch” to get back in the ring. He might be feeling somewhat burned out regarding all the autograph shows and meet ‘n greets that he’s done over the past several months. One can only imagine how much flesh Ric has pressed since retiring. Ric’s driver’s license may say that he is 60 years old but he still has the spirit and constitution of a 30- something year old, for better or for worse, depending on one’s perspective.

– Can Ric still perform in the ring at a competitive level. Hell, yeah. Should he? Well, that’s another question that’s a little tougher to answer.
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Backstage News About WWE’s Rebuilding Process

by on May.19, 2009, under Wrestling News

WWE Logo

With the continuing decline in WWE’s television ratings, PPV buyrates, house show attendance and overall revenue, things have definitely been better in the WWE Universe. In an attempt to cure what ails WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, he is currently on a kick to freshen things up and set WWE up for a proper turnaround.

While many ideas have been discussed, one thing WWE wants to do is get a lot of new faces into the mix. Since WrestleMania, we’ve seen guys like MVP, John Morrison, The Miz, THE Brian Kendrick and Dolph Ziggler getting a lot more television time in hopes that somebody catches on in a big way. Elevating new stars is more of a priority now than it has been since the late 1990’s, largely because Vince many of his top names getting older and knows the key to future success is cultivating new stars.

Aside from elevating these “potential” superstars already on the active roster, WWE is also calling up several names from developmental – with several names from Florida Championship Wrestling now touring with WWE working house shows and dark matches.

Former FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Sheamus O’Shaunessy worked an undercard match at a Raw brand house show in Youngstown, Ohio over the weekend, beating Jamie Noble. He also wrestled a dark match before this week’s Raw, once again defeating Noble.

Women’s wrestler Angela Fong, another FCW regular, was a ring announcer at a SmackDown/ECW brand live event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There has also been talks of bringing FCWC standout Eric Escobar on the road soon to take another look at him.

While giving television time to fresh faces is certainly a start – you have to wonder how much of an impact that can have. Things like longer in-ring matches, less goofy comedy, rebuilding WWE’s tag team division and putting on fewer (and cheaper) Pay-Per-View events would also go a long way.

What’s your take on the situation? How would you improved the brand?

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Randy Orton Talks About WrestleMania Match, Dumping Manu, More

by on May.18, 2009, under Wrestling Deals

WWE Superstar Randy Orton

In an interview with The Sun, Randy Orton shares his opinion on his match with Triple H at WrestleMania XXV, punting Vince McMahon in the head, why Manu was booted from Legacy and ultimately released from WWE, which wrestler he would add to Legacy, and much more. Here’s some of the highlights:

On his match with Triple H at WrestleMania XXV: “This was a storyline where Triple H needed retribution. He needed to beat the living p*** out of me because of what I did. I handcuffed him and made him watch while I beat up his wife and then kissed her while she was unconscious. Then to top it off after I do that, I knock him out with a sledgehammer to the head. I kick his father-in-law in the skull and put him in the hospital, and do the same to his brother-in-law. I think when all that happens and then you have this match where he can’t be disqualified or he loses the title, you kind of screw yourself. We were not able to do everything that the other guys were able to do. Matt and Jeff Hardy had a hardcore no-holds-barred match. They were able to use all the bells and whistles to beat the hell out of each other. Everyone was expecting Triple H and I to do the same, but we had rules that put a fence around everything we were able to do. We weren’t able to go to the extreme. If anything hurt us, it was that.”

Did he try changing the rules of the match with Vince McMahon? (continue reading…)

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Flair Looking To Wrestle Again, Comments On Reid’s Arrest

by on May.17, 2009, under Wrestling News

WWE Ric Flair

Ric Flair has been interviewed by ScrippsNews.com and Flair was saying he’s just itching to get back in the ring. “I want to wrestle again,” said Flair. “I watch WWE and I can still do better than 90 percent of the guys there. I weigh one less pound than the day I retired. I still work out really hard and I wrestle my kid (Reid) all the time. It’s not like I haven’t been in the ring.”

And then of course there’s the financial aspect to getting back into wrestling. Flair dishes out ,000 a month in alimony payments to 2 ex-wives, but is getting big money offers to return to the ring. “People in Europe are offering me a fortune. I’m tired of signing autographs. I can make more money wrestling. I love the business. I was thinking the other day about the reason why God gave me this health. I don’t hurt anywhere. I haven’t lost any strength. I’m just like I was 10 years ago. I keep thinking, ‘Why am I signing autographs when I can still take backdrops?”
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Vince’s Opinion Of U.S. President Barack Obama

by on May.04, 2009, under Wrestling News

Vince McMahon VS Barack Obama

Vince McMahon VS Barack Obama

Not turn turn this too much into a political thing, but we do find it funny when Vince McMahon has something to say. Over the past few months, the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon, has been griping about United States President Barack Obama, basically saying “he’s bad for business.”

The latest issue of Power Slam magazine adds some details on McMahon’s opinion of him, including a behind the scenes story from last year in which WWE television producer Kevin Dunn reprimanded anyone he saw wearing clothing or merchandise in support of the Democratic President-elect.
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